Rent an admin: with our SAST Managed Services we can guarantee the security of your SAP systems in these times of crisis

SAST blog: Managed service in times of crisis - Remotely or On CallThe current situation is forcing companies around the world to find and implement alternative solutions to maintain operations of their SAP systems and business processes. The SAST team is your reliable partner, especially in times of crisis. This is because providing remote support for our SAP customers what we do every day. Our SAST Managed Service puts us in the best possible and reliable position to help you in times of crisis!

Managed Services in times of crisis – remotely or on call

COVID-19 continues to grip us and it is anyone’s best guess as to how long the restrictions – and thus the challenges facing companies and employees – will be in place.

Many workplaces have been moved to home office setups, in some cases with technical difficulties. The number of infected employees is rising, and reduced working hours are increasingly the new normal at numerous companies. In addition, school and childcare closings mean that parents must now support their children at home more dynamically than usual. All these “parameters” mean that people with crucial responsibilities – both in the business departments and in IT – are missing. In turn, this affects normal operations of SAP systems and business processes at your company. Processes which previously ran without a hitch could falter. Risks could arise for SAP systems believed to be secure. After all, crises are essentially bull markets for hacker attacks. For example, some entire systems could go down.

Our recommendation to you: Ensure that your processes continue to run and are reliably secured, whether there is a crisis or not. Keep your shields up – now especially!

Our SAP experts promise quick support

Uncertain times call for an experienced, reliable partner to support you with both expertise and additional “hands on deck”.

Our employees are highly specialized experts:

  • SAP System Operations/SAP Basis
  • SAP User Administration and Authorization Management
  • SAP Security Monitoring

We have years of experience in what we do and we do it remotely, too. As a result, we have the technical requirements and experience to supply you with ad hoc support.

Our recommendation to you: “Rent an admin”

At an increasing number of companies and their business and IT departments, we are confronted with the same situations: Due to illness, vacation or technical problems, there is a shortage of personnel working on a given process. Key users are absent and, due to insufficient authorizations, the substitutes are unable to provide full support. This means that important workflows in the value chain falter and economic damage becomes a real threat to your company.

The most obvious solution is to temporarily approve expanded authorizations to obtain the required permissions. However, these must first be evaluated and then implemented by the role and user admins at your company. And if this team is no longer staffed sufficiently (for the reasons listed above), this change cannot be done quickly, meaning required workflows are then delayed.

Our experts are on call for you, bringing our many years of support in security & compliance and SAP authorizations to support you. We will implement these changes for you: Our SAST Managed Services & Consulting permit you to immediately implement individualized, remote solutions for both SAP ERP and S/4HANA systems. Visit our SAST SOLUTIONS website or contact us directly – we will gladly advise you!

Sascha Heckmann (SAST SOLUTIONS)
Sascha Heckmann (Team Coordinator for SAP Authorizations, SAST Consulting)


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