SAST SOLUTIONS receives the award “Top Identity and Access Management Solution Provider in Europe 2021”

SAST Blog: Award win: Top IAM Solution Provider in Europe 2021.The december issue of Enterprise Security Magazine focuses on IAM solution providers in Europe. It aims to identify the emerging players in the IAM space and showcase their expertise in solving impediments and overcoming market complexities. We are delighted to have won with the topic “Real-Time Identity and Access Management for SAP Systems” the award for “Top IAM Solution Provider in Europe 2021” in this context!

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SAP Security & Compliance: “Customers need Solution Providers.”

SAST SOLUTIONS from AKQUINET honored with Softshell Vendor Award in GoldStarted with two modules in 2006, the SAST SOLUTIONS portfolio now comprises a comprehensive combination of software, consulting and service, and offers a holistic solution for safeguarding SAP systems. In this interview, Managing Director Bodo Kahl talks about the topics that concern himself as well as the entire industry, and describes the qualities that characterize a good service provider for SAP security and compliance today.

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Why passwords are pricey – and how you can still keep costs down

SAST Password Reset for SAPA password is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it permits relatively secure authentication. The curse is that because the complex passwords required for secure login are often too hard to remember, even for those with good memories. A forgotten password is annoying for users. It also costs a lot of money. Read more to learn just how high the costs can be and how you can avoid them.

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Awarded as “Top 10 Cyber Security Company in Europe”

Top10 CyberSecurity Companies Europe 2018

In cooperation with Enterprise Security Magazine, a distinguished panel of experts, professionals, and technology leaders has selected AKQUINET and their SAST SOLUTIONS into the list of the “Top 10 Cyber Security Companies in Europe”.

In the cover story of the magazine , Ralf Kempf (Technical Managing Director) reports what makes SAST SOLUTIONS special and why the topic of cyber security for SAP systems is up-to-date and will remain in future. Read the November edition of Enterprise Security Magazine now.

IT Trends explained easily: Machine Learning

SAST-Blog_IT-TrendsMachine learning, Internet of Things and Blockchain are some of the new concepts that SAP Leonardo is bringing to the SAP ecosystem to reduce TCO, optimize business processes, and add more value to companies. If these terms are unknown territory for you, our new blog series “IT trends explained easily” is just right for you.

Our first article is about Machine Learning algorithms and how they can be applied.

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