Are you keeping an eye out for cyberattacks?

Image: SAST SOLUTIONS for SAP Security & Compliance

Every second company worldwide has been the victim of at least one significant IT security incident. SAP systems are increasingly targeted in such attacks. The growing complexity of system environments and the usual limited security experience of many employees often leaves serious security gaps. Ignorance and panic will not help here, but securing your SAP system properly certainly will.

AKQUINET provides perfect solutions for you. We specialize in holistic security for SAP environments and our multifaceted service spectrum is waiting for you to make us your capable IT security partner. In addition to our software suite, our SAST SOLUTIONS also offer all-around protection for your SAP ERP and S/4HANA systems includes consulting experts and managed services.

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All solutions from one source.

Graphic: All solutions for SAP Security & Compliance from one source
There are countless possibilities for attacking SAP systems, both inside and out. But we know just as many ways to protect these systems. We call it “4D SAST SOLUTIONS”. This package provides all-around protection for your SAP system with real-time monitoring.

Wether it's through our software SAST SUITE we've developed ourselves, our experts in SAP security and compliance, or a managed service solution, you can count on us to have you covered from every angle.

We are not satisfied until our customers are.

“With the help of the SAST SUITE, we were able to significantly reduce the probability of occurrence for critical events.
And thanks to the introduction of the Security Dashboard, the visibility of these incidents is now considerably better than before.
As a result, we are now in a position where we can respond much faster to critical events.”

Success Story "Global SAP security with real-time monitoring"
Success Story "SAP risk management with managed Services"

SAST SOLUTIONS Reference: Logo Linde Group
— Klaus Brenk
Linde Group

“The SAST SUITE has given us the perfect solution for our global SAP authorization management while also providing us with permanent vulnerability monitoring for our systems. Thanks to the highly competent and motivated support provided by the AKQUINET team, we completed the project on time, in budget and at the specified level of quality.”

Success Story "SAP authorization management and system security for 50 countries"

SAST SOLUTIONS Reference: Logo Takeda
— Manfred Meier
Takeda AG

“With the SAST SUITE, we save around 20 working days for an audit. This hugely relieves the burden on our departments and on IT security. With SAST, we therefore have greater security and compliance but spend less time to achieve it. The AKQUINET team is highly qualified and has a wealth of experience, so we were able to implement the project promptly and successfully.“

Success Story "Authorization Management in real time by connecting to SAP IdM"

— Matthias Endrich
s. Oliver Group

“SAP does not provide appropriate auditing and reporting tools and functions for a number of revision and risk analysis topics. Now, the SAST SUITE provides a suitable additional solution that covers all our requirements, is easy to use and was implemented quickly.”

Success Story "Continuous risk management - simply at the touch of a button"

— Maria Mayer-Schefe
Baerlocher GmbH

“Rather than repeatedly fixing occasional irregularities in role management, we have used the SAST SUITE to completely overhaul our authorization structures. In this way, we save time and money in the long term, and can be sure of legal compliance."

Success Story "Authorization Management - legal certainty and correctness"

— Stefan Lendzian

“Our data and our customer data are fully secured with SAST Download Management. Our cooperation with AKQUINET is based on a strong partnership, and we particularly appreciate the fact that assistance with questions or issues is provided on very short notice.”

Success Story "Prevent unwanted downloads from SAP systems"

— Michael Krämer
Minol GmbH & Co. KG
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