Maximum protection on all levels, thanks to SAST SUITE.

If your SAP system isn't properly protected on all levels, you're at risk of becoming an easy target. Losing data due to various forms of sabotage can have negative consequences for your company: Your reputation may be irreparably harmed and you may have to pay restitution for damages - or even give up your business, to offer just three examples.

Manufacturers, online security portals, and SAP itself offer regular updates on the latest security flaws. All the more reason to put your infrastructure, databases, and custom ABAP developments under the microscope and analyze all your system interfaces with our SAST SUITE.

This will help you minimize security vulnerabilities and protect your SAP systems from attacks. 


Vulnerability scans to secure your system configuration.

With this SAST SUITE module, you'll get a comprehensive overview of how secure your SAP ERP and S/4HANA infrastructure is right now - and it's all automated in real time!

This is how we enable you to continually analyze and optimize every level of your landscape to address vulnerabilities - including in your operating systems, databases, network configurations - while factoring in critical OSS Notes. It even examines your custom ABAP source code with a a simple string pattern match to identify and eliminate potential flaws.

How SAST SUITE can assist you

  • Comprehensive transparency across system boundaries
  • Accounts for DSAG's auditing guidelines, recommendations from BSI, and SAP's security guidelines
  • More than 4,000 automated checks and security notes that are constantly updated
  • Automated policy-based auditing of security-relevant parameters and settings
  • Analyzes all underlying platforms, from SAP ERP to SAP Mobile Platform (running on the latest release of SAP NetWeaver)
  • Offers dashboard-based security reporting that includes clear recommended actions for eliminating your landscape's vulnerabilities

Are you interested in a full assessment of the critical vulnerabilities in your ABAB code? Then the "SAST Code Management" is just right for you.


To provide your SAP system with holistic protection, remember to secure your interfaces.

In the process of safeguarding IT systems, interfaces are often neglected, making them a prime target for hackers.

Our experiences in security audits consistently show that insecure SAP connections lay hidden in nearly every system. Should a cyberattack occur, this will give the perpetrators direct access to your SAP systems.

Our SAST Interface Management will enable you to detect and address security holes like these.

How SAST SUITE can assist you

  • Cross-system assessments for SAP ERP and S/4HANA environments
  • Analysis of incoming and outgoing RFC, http, and database connections, along with trust relationships and system traces
  • Generates suitable RFC roles at the click of a mouse
  • Reliable interface scanner
  • Detailed reports in graphical and tabular form, enriched with information on risk classification
  • Central point of control

Close security gaps in your ABAP code reliably.

You'll only achieve a fundamental level of SAP security if you take a truly head-to-toe approach. And that includes your ABAP code.

Many companies balk at audits of their custom developments or 3rd-party add-ons or are unsatisfied with the nearly unmanageable number of findings. How can this mass of supposedly critical security flaws be evaluated reliably? Where do you even start to clean up?

Therefore, we have developed two software modules that build on each other: the SAST Code Advisor for checking your ABAP programs and the SAST Code Remediator for code cleansing by our SAP Security Consultants.

SAST Code Advisor

The first module of the SAST Code Management detects security gaps by accessing SAP standard tools, enhanced by SAST's own security rules and key figures such as usage statistics. This makes it much easier for you to prioritize for a step-by-step cleanup.

And your developers will continue to benefit from the SAST Code Advisor beyond the analysis phase: They can run ongoing checks on their code and receive tailored reports that provide full transparency into their current security status.

How SAST SUITE can assist you

  • Effectively identify your security and compliance issues, including risk scoring for prioritization
  • Saving resources through automated code checks
  • Unique context analysis allows you to focus on the relevant problems
  • Significant information texts and recommendations make it easier for you to eliminate the security gaps
  • Central cockpit for your cross-system monitoring
  • The source code does not leave your company at any time
  • Available as a license model or consulting service

SAST Code Remediator

Like we recommend it for code analyses, our SAP Security Consultants work in cleansing projects with the SAST Code Remediator tool-based.

Before correcting your ABAP programs, we start with an evaluation phase in which each access is logged. This reduces the cleansing effort of most finding patterns. For example, locking inactive objects slashes up to 90% of efforts.

After enriching the analysis data with context knowledge, SAST Code Remidiator starts the partially automated cleanup process. Using our soft cleansing approach, we correct vulnerabilities without any restrictions for your productive business and the time-consuming testing of the corrected coding is eliminated.

Auditors have accepted this approach and the integrated tool support as a successful measure when the scan results are poor.

How SAST SUITE can assist you

  • Effective cleanup of breaches in your own developments and 3rd party addons
  • Identification and automatic deactivation of your obsolete coding
  • No disruptions to your operative business
  • Thanks to tool support, project durations and costs are significantly reduced
  • Independent of the previously used code analysis tool
  • Support by our code security experts, advisory only or also operational

Take the pressure off your user helpdesk.

With this SAST module, you can simplify the process of resetting passwords and implement stricter password guidelines.

It gives your employees a secure, user-friendly way to reset their passwords themselves through your intranet no matter where they are. This will save your helpdesk personnel time and they can devote to their core tasks.

How SAST SUITE can assist you

  • A fast return of invest
  • Compliance-conform standard process
  • New passwords generated automatically
  • Syncs with SAP and/or active directory to verify users
  • Logs all requests
  • Easy-to-use via intranet

One of many satisfied customers:

"The SAST SUITE has given us the perfect solution for our global SAP systems and providing us with permanent vulnerability monitoring. Thanks to the highly competent and motivated support provided by the AKQUINET team, we completed the project on time, in budget and at the specified level of quality."

Success Story "SAP system security for 50 countries"

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