You run your business, we handle the security risks.

Checking for vulnerabilities, flawed configurations, and critical authorizations on a regular basis is the only reliable way to ensure SAP system security. Dedicated efforts to safeguard SAP systems are technically complex, however, and they require a great deal of time and personnel.

Most companies are far from being able to respond to issues in real time. Decision-makers thus face a fundamental question: Should they make or buy their way to SAP Security and Compliance?

Digitalization projects are often at the very top of companies' agendas. In many cases, though, they make protecting their IT systems less of a priority in the belief that cyberattacks are not likely to occur. Many companies also lack the necessary internal resources and experience in a specialist field like governance, risk, and compliance, which further hinders their ability to secure their SAP systems.

Our SAST Managed Services offer holistic solutions for SAP Security and Compliance, including in both remote and on-site environments.

Your security is always on our radar.

This is how we support your Platform Security:

  • Hardening your SAP system and monitoring critical system configurations
  • Evaluating risks and cleaning up your ABAP code
  • Ongoing health check and constant threat analyses
  • Preventing critical system changes, transactions and reports
  • Logging unwanted downloads from your systems

This is how we support your User Access Management:

  • Continual authorization management
  • Optimizing your user request and change workflows
  • Preventing conflicts from segregation of duties
  • Supporting role design with the help of template roles for the key SAP modules, completely SoD conflict-free

One of many satisfied customers:

“We were able to significantly reduce the probability of critical events. Not only that, the number of inspections necessary was curbed by implementing optimum process automation. This relieves the strain on our SAP team considerably, while improving system security at the same time.”

Success Story "Effective risk management with managed services"

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— Klaus Brenk
Linde Group

How you'll benefit from a managed service solution

  • HIGHEST POSSIBLE SECURITY: We exclusively employ security & GRC experts to agree a dependable service level with you
  • ALWAYS UP TO DATE: Our security settings and attack databases are constantly being updated
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING: We notify you promptly after identifying security risks, depending on the severity of the results
  • STRENTHENING YOUR RESOURCES: Our experts quickly take a load off your back and provide initial results in just a few days
  • COST REDUCTION: Our support service already includes your SAST SUITE licenses
  • NO CRYPTIC INCIDENT NOTIFICATIONS: We provide contextual information and clear recommendations

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