Criminals exploit the Corona crisis to e-mail spam with malware

SAST Blog: Criminals Exploit the Corona Crisis to E-mail Spam with Malware.The mass e-mail campaigns sending malware are most often the vehicle bringing malware into systems. So-called “phishing” e-mails are particularly dangerous: Cyber criminals use these to “fish” for passwords and other personal information. These e-mails contain infected links or attachments and remain the most common method of distributing malware.

Today’s high tech phishing e-mails are often so well disguised and realistic that it is easy to convince unsuspecting recipients to click the link in the e-mail. Cyber criminals are good at what they do. They fish for access credentials, send links to fraudulent, infected websites, or attach files containing malware.

How can I secure my systems against these and similar external attacks?

To resist such attacks, you need a cyber security strategy that covers everything from system hardening to network zoning and down to security monitoring. IT security can be vastly improved with simple security precautions. For example, e-mails with Office attachments can first be quarantined and checked before delivery to recipients. Another advisable step is the deactivation of macros.

In our webinar “The most important elements of a cybersecurity strategy” we will show you important steps involved in safeguarding your systems:

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Fittingly you can read more about this in the “Security Insider” dated March 19, 2020, entitled “COVID-19 and Consequences for Security” (“COVID-19 und die Security-Folgen”):