An example from practice: A holistic, professional approach to safeguarding SAP landscapes

SAST SOLUTIONSMany companies work with internal solutions to safeguard their SAP landscapes. However, operating systems, databases and SAP systems, especially those at large companies or even international groups, can have very complex IT landscapes – and are often insufficiently protected against unauthorized attempts to access these landscapes. This used to be the situation at a leading global automotive supplier. Now, the company relies on SAST SUITE from AKQUINET to safeguard its SAP landscapes.

Holistic protection for SAP systems, risk monitoring and constant monitoring for sources of danger are some of the biggest challenges faced by IT departments and those responsible for SAP systems. This is where SAST SUITE comes in: It provides all-around protection, real-time monitoring and can be used around the world.

A professional solution for safeguarding SAP landscapes

A leading international technology and service provider recently decided against continuing to use its internal solution. Instead, it chose to move forward with SAST SUITE, professional GRC software for safeguarding your SAP systems in real time.

In the context of this order, AKQUINET is rolling out the following modules of SAST SUITE:

  1. System Security Validation: comprehensively safeguard SAP systems
  2. Risk & Compliance Management: policy-based SAP checks and risk monitoring
  3. Management Dashboard: visualize and analyze all IT audit results
  4. Security Radar: SIEM solution for monitoring SAP systems in real time

Ensure security and compliance in real time and on an international scale

In a proof-of-concept in mid-June 2017, SAST SUITE was installed in a test landscape on a central system and on a number of satellite systems in order to transmit SAP security results in real time. The test showed that AKQUINET GRC software covers 99% of all customer requirements with SAST SUITE.

In spring 2018, our experts kicked off the year with the migration and installation of, initially, five SAP systems in Germany. Real-time monitoring then started for these systems, ensuring the protection of SAP systems for the operating system, the databases and SAP systems with ABAP/J2EE stack and other SAP components.

In fall 2018, installation and roll-out begins for up to 1,000 SAP systems worldwide.

We can do this because our SAP security and compliance experts provide onsite support internationally and in Germany. User trainings allow employees to use the new tool with confidence.

Convincing overall package is a beacon for the future

The AKQUINET portfolio of solutions – its SAP-certified SAST SUITE – did not stop at covering nearly all customer requirements. It also provided reliable onsite services with SAP security and compliance experts in Germany and abroad. SAST SUITE is an all-around solution that allows SAP landscapes to raise security to a higher level in just a short time.

Currently, we are seeing growing demand for solutions that offer real-time monitoring for SAP systems in particular. If you’ve decided to move forward with a professional software solution, but do not have enough experts to handle the task, we recommend looking at managed services. At AKQUINET, we offer just such a thing with our SAST SOLUTIONS. How SAST SOLUTIONS can assist you: Involving a service provider means that your day-to-day business can continue without interruption because your internal IT experts can remain fully focused on your core business. Another advantage is that system and authorization security can be implemented quickly – SAST MANAGED SERVICES can do it within just a few days.

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Bodo Kahl