AKQUINET SAST SOLUTIONS to partner with Snow Software

Partner AKQUINET SAST SOLUTIONS & SnowHow SAP licenses are assigned is an essential subject for companies. Likewise, authorization management and license optimization play crucial roles that, unfortunately, often take a back seat to day-to-day business and are subject to poor communication between the respective experts. Effective immediately, the partnership between Snow Software, a leading provider of software asset management (SAM) and cloud spend solutions based in Stockholm, Sweden, and akquinet AG will provide relief.

Synergies in SAP license and authorization management

The partners offer governance, risk and compliance management, license optimization and authorization-based license management as a combined software solution: Connecting SAP-certified software Snow Optimizer for SAP® and SAST SUITE rounds out a holistic solution with tools that build on each other and look to the future, both compliant and individually tailored to customer requirements.

Authorization-based licensing, indirect access, intercompany billing, migration to S/4 HANA or increasing security and compliance within authorization management especially – thanks to this partnership, handling all of these challenges have become much less complicated.

The partnership is also timely: Recently, SAP mentioned license policies for users that focus on authorizations rather than on use.  This underscores the importance of addressing this issue now.

Reducing licenses and authorizations while boosting security and compliance

Snow Software offers all relevant SAP analysis and license optimization functions, meaning you can lock inactive users and change how users are categorized. You can use AKQUINET’s SAST SUITE to round off the package: Ensure that SAP users execute only those transactions and access the data for which they are supposed to be authorized. As a result, user authorizations are cleaned up and authorizations in user roles are reduced to what is necessary.

What are the advantages of this joint solution?

  • Optimizing SAP licenses – reducing costs
  • Minimizing compliance risks from unnecessary authorizations
  • Saving time by automating internal (previously manual) activities
  • Increasing license compliance overall

AKQUINET and Snow Software – strong partners

Snow Software believes that most companies are paying too much for their software: specifically, around EUR 326 billion too much. Often, this is due to a lack of controls, understanding or compliance. Snow ensures that companies are investing wisely in software and truly use only the licenses they really need.

Ralf Kempf, CTO SAST SOLUTIONS at akquinet AG, explains, “The alliance with Snow Software is a big step forward for our SAP security and compliance. While SAST provides secure system configuration and the best possible role scope for authorization management, Snow has a license audit that is another key component of ensuring and monitoring corporate compliance. We advise and stand by our customers with our respective specializations and assist them in tailoring their SAP landscape configuration and security.”

“AKQUINET is an established IT service provider with many years of SAP consulting experience and they now stand with us,” explains Joachim Paulini, head architect of SAP software for the Snow Optimizer. “Together, we offer customers more security in SAP license and authorization management, and also significantly reduce their costs and administrative effort.”

Are you interested in more information about this cooperation? Or, would you like to schedule an initial consulting appointment? Get in touch with us today: sast@akquinet.de

Ralf Kempf
Technical Managing Director “SAST SOLUTIONS”

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