Central license management: the fast lane to security with SAST

SAST Zeitersparnis LizenzverteilungDid you know that you can distribute licenses easily and automatically via RFC starting from SAST SUITE Release 5.0?

If you need to analyze and manage licenses simultaneously on a large number of systems, we recommend a centralized installation of SAST SUITE. This has long been a feature of many SAST modules and has already proven successful for many customers. However, the SAST licenses previously had to be maintained locally on each and every system.

Centralize distribution of your SAST licenses and save time

Our new transaction /n/SAST/MASS_INST_LIC allows you to upload a single license file to the central system and distribute it to the connected satellite systems via an RFC connection. This eliminates the manual steps required for local license management, allowing you to get SAST up and running more quickly.

SAST Mass licence installation

Do you have questions about SAST SUITE? Check out our SAST SOLUTIONS website or send us an e-mail us at sast@akquinet.de.

Verena Köhler
Verena Köhler
Authorization Consulting, AKQUINET