Automated SAP Authorization Management and System Security for 50 countries

Logo_Takeda_500x168.pngTakeda’s twin objectives were to accelerate and simplify its authorization assignment process while deploying a tool that was simultaneously capable of providing vulnerability monitoring for its SAP backend worldwide. 

Since the SAST SUITE rollout, multiple audits have been performed that confirm the level of security and quality the GRC tool from AKQUINET provides for the SAP systems. In addition, automated risk management has meant that the number of high- and medium-critical SoD (segregation of duties) conflicts has been cut by around two-thirds.

“The SAST SUITE has given us the perfect solution for our global SAP authorization management while also providing us with permanent vulnerability monitoring for our systems. Thanks to the highly competent and motivated support provided by the AKQUINET team, we completed the project on time, in budget and at the specified level of quality.”
(Manfred Meier, Global Head of SAP Center of Excellence, Takeda AG)

In the Success Story, Takeda reports about this project for its worldwide SAP landscapes with around 4,000 users.

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