This is how to ensure a smooth migration of your SAP authorizations while simultaneously reducing your security risks

Motiv_es_SAST-SGM_72dpi_1612One of the biggest challenges that any customer faces when migrating or redesigning their SAP authorizations is ensuring the continuity of their normal business operations. As a result, IT units are often wary of curtailing user rights – so as to avoid conflicts with business departments that would result from increased testing workloads or more frequent error messages.

With SAST Safe Go-Live Management, these problems are now a thing of the past.

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What does the new SAST Suite 5.0 offer?

Motiv_es_Abschluss_150dpi_1610GRC tools, IT vulnerability analysis, authorization management, SIEM management – these are four of the top five topics cited by IT decision-makers when asked which current and future technologies are of vital importance to them. *

This means that the new release of GRC Suite SAST from AKQUINET – couldn’t have arrived at a better time to offer answers on some of the subjects that are on the minds of these managers right now. In this interview, Lars Henning (product manager for the SAST SUITE) presents the highlights of the latest version, along with some helpful tips.

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10 Years of SAST: How it all began…

ralfkempfA conversation with Ralf Kempf, Managing Director of AKQUINET and architect of the SAST-Suite.

Mr. Kempf, the GRC Suite “SAST” is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. At the age of 10, a person is still young. A dog, however, is already a senior at that age. What about the SAST Suite?
“We are adults now as far as both our product and our company are concerned. Today we are a leading SAP security provider. We have made a name in the market, we can prove our know-how with many well-known customers, and we are represented at the key fairs. Corporate groups trust in us, and we have worked hard for this reputation over the last ten years.”

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SAST SECURITY RADAR scores to marks again in the IT Innovation prize 2016.

innovationspreis-2016The SAST solution convinces and receive the “BEST OF” Award.

“Initiative Mittelstand” Awards the IT innovations prize to companies with innovative IT solutions an a high usage value für small an mid-sized companies. AKQUINET also appeared under the critial eyes of the Jury one more and was rewarded again. Of all applications received, AKQUINET’s security solution was particularly convincing, and is therefore in the top group once again.

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