C/4HANA – how does security work for this? Our take.

C/4HANA is the name of the newest product in the SAP portfolio. The company based in Walldorf, Germany, promises nothing less than a revolution of customer experience. But is C/4HANA secure? And what does "C/4HANA" mean, anyway?

We'll start with the question of what C/4HANA is and will go back to the very beginning. Then, we can give the answer: C/4HANA is a big, black black box. We've "borrowed" this statement, but the truth is not far off when you look at it in terms of security. C/4HANA (currently) boils down to little more than a conglomeration of different cloud services under the umbrella of SAP. These services are intended to be consolidated – eventually, and the idea is to provide a uniform front end – a uniform "customer experience".

Read more about S/4HANA and cloud technology in our SAST BLOG.

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