Become a SAST SOLUTIONS partner!

We're always looking to expand our partnerships. All over the world, the SAST partner network enables customers to benefit from our products and services in the areas of SAP security and compliance.

Once you become a partner, we''ll gladly work with you in ways that showcase your particular fields of expertise. Whether your company already provides consulting in connection with SAP or IT security, wants to add these areas to its core business, or so far hasn't been able to accommodate customers interested in securing their SAP landscapes, collaborating with us comes with many advantages.

With us, you'll soon be finalizing new deals:

  • Increase you customer retention and expand your core business areas to include SAP Security and Compliance Solutions
  • Advance into new areas of activity with our SAST SOLUTIONS and continue to add to your pool of contacts

Around 200 customers and over 3.5 million SAP users worldwide now rely on our expertise to protect their SAP systems. We look forward to building on this success with you.

You are welcome to contact us.

Here's what we can offer:

  • A new product and solution portfolio for your customers
  • Access to sales and marketing materials
  • Presales support for your customer interactions
  • Free participation in training courses
  • Attractive commission model
  • Personal contact for your company
  • Optional: free introductory program for setting up a Service Operation Center (SOC)

These partners have already entrusted their security to us:

That's what our partners say:

"We recommend SAST because it's the most comprehensive SAP security and GRC solution out there. The software comes with components that are easy to integrate to give every customer exactly what they needs. That's part of what makes SAST SUITE an all-inclusive solution and a valuable addition to our range of products."

SAST Partner newitera
— Mark Deiss, SAP Security Consultant
Newitera BV

“From my more than 20 years of experience as a consultant in the SAP Basis environment, I know exactly how time-consuming the many manual tasks can be there. This is why I am totally committed to recommending the SAST SUITE to our customers, because the software makes it so wonderfully easy."

— Lutz Thiele, Managing Director
GIM Gesellschaft für integratives Management mbH
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